Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ebay score

Every so often I browse ebay to see what polishes are available, and recently came across a listing for some Sally Hansen Magical's polish.
Here is what I wonSally Hansen Copper Cauldron, Blue Aura and Mystical Mandarin.

First up is Copper Cauldron, this photo is a bit blurry, but this is the best one that I could get to show the colour
I had to include this pic, this really shows off the size of the holo particles

Next up is Blue Aura. On my middle finger, I have swatched China Glaze 2nite.
Compared to the Blue Aura, the holo particles are smaller, and the base colour is a darker dustier blue. The Blue Aura is a lot lighter brighter blue, and to me the holo effect is a lot more flashier.
Finally is Mystical Mandarin. On my ring finger I have swatched China Glaze BFF which is a deeper pink holo.

My thoughts on Sally Hansen Magical's.
The formula was a bit tricky for me, I had to make sure that I did not apply the polish over the same spot twice, or I had problems with creating bald spots on my nails, which I had to let thoroughly dry to recoat.
Although application had to be more precise than my usual method of slap it on, the payoff was worth it. The colours are nice, and I love the way that the larger holo particles catch the light even in low light conditions.

On the China Glaze holos, they were my first love, I first saw them on a nail blog last year and h.a.d. to have them. I didn't buy the full collection, but one of the packs which included OMG, BFF, 2Nite, IDK, LOL, DV8.
Personally I have found the application on the China Glaze easier to work with than the Sally Hansen Magicals, the China Glaze for me seems to just flow on without any issues.

I am glad that I had a chance to pick up the Sally Hansen Magicals, they are the only Holos that I own other than the China Glaze, and I can see why people love them. At 9.8ml compared to the CG 14ml I wont be wearing them often, I would be more likely to wear the CG..

Surprisingly for me, my favorite CG holo turned out to be BFF, it is subtle enough for me to wear at work without feeling that it might be flashy enough to attract managements attention, but has enough sparkle to keep me entertained during the day, :)

Most Awesomest Manicure Ever!!!

So, do ya love it, like isn't it the coolest thing ever?

This is, of course, before clean up.

Now, if you have actually read this far (and haven't ran screaming for the eye bleach) I had an idea for a really cool manicure.

Now, you are going to definitely say, that either this woman is totally mad, and immediately unsubscribe never to read this lunatics blog ever again, or if you are being nice, that this mani is the biggest fail out.

But, if you are game to scroll down (I mean, what else could you see that could be worse than what you have already tried to scrub out of your memory) you will see my completed inspiration.

I really wasn't sure this would turn out as good as it did, but I am very happy with how it turned out at the end.The polishes that I used for this were BYS Island Bronze, Maybellene Colourama Electric Blue, Rimmel Forest, Cutex Cherry Burst, Jay Jays Sassy and BYS The Right Bright and the Konad plate M65