Sunday, June 27, 2010

Purple layered Konadicure

Ok, this started out as a plain manicure of BYS Mauve-In On Up, that ended up being konadded by China Glaze Lets Groove, and then, because that just wasn't enough, I topped it with Ozotics Pro 505 which is a purple duochrome with a green flash.

Look away NOW - (almost) unpolished nails alert, lol

Ok, I suppose that I had to do it sometime, bare my yellowed, flaking nails to the world.

(Well, except for a couple coats of clear, and white polish on the underside of the free edge)

Dont say I didnt warn you.......

Please excuse my middle nail being filed at an angle, it only ended up that way after the corner snapped off, and I decided that instead of loosing the length, that I would let it grow back into shape.
At the moment, my nails would not be regarded as long, but for me, this about the longest that I have managed to grow them in about the last eight years (since I have been workng as a cashier)
Since the end of March I have been using Sally Hansens Miracle Cure, and it does seem to help with the peeling flaking nails, although it has not totally prevented it, as you can see.
At the moment I am toying around with painting the underside of my nails white, to see if this helps , as well as to give the effect of a more natural manicure when using sheer polishes.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Various Swatches

First up is Sally Hansen Gunmetal, I think that this was about two coats. This has a slight shimmer, and self levels nicely.

This polish is by NYC, Molten Metal. This pic was taken indoors under a desklamp. This shows how well that this polish shines up under lower light conditions.

This polish is by Wet N' Wild, Crystalic. I love this polish, it is a black, with a glass fleck shimmer. This is without topcoat and it has a beautiful shine.

This polish is by Sally Hansen, Nonstop Nude. From memory, this was about three coats. Personally, I did not like the application on this one, the polish seemed a bit "gloopy", and I had bubbling problems. I might be able to fix this with some polish thinner, but as yet, I haven't bothered yet.

This polish is by Wet N' Wild, Wild Shine - Wild Orchid I think. From memory, this was three or four coats. This is another polish that I love, it is a beautiful shade, and I love the holographic glitter in this one. To begin with this polish seemed pretty sheer, but it really is worth building up, or layering over another purple polish.

This polish is by Wet N' Wild, Wild Shine - Carribbean Frost. As you can see, this polish shows up all the flaws on my nails, but this could be easily corrected by a topcoat. I think that this was about two coats. This has a lovely microshimmer.

All of these polishes are ones that I recieved from Lissa from Lissa's Nails from when she was destashing.

I do have some more to post up when I get time.

I would just like to thank Lissa for the opportunity to try some polishes that I can't obtain in Australia easily.