Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Australian Magazine Samples

Hi all, this is primarily a nail blog, but I thought that I would mention some samples that are with the current issues of two magazines at the moment.
I purchased my magazines from Coles, but I do not know if they are excusively there.
The current edition of Marie Claire comes with a free goodie bag, and what made me take notice was the free sample of Batiste dry shampoo that Noveau Cheap mentions in her blog.

I paid $8.20 for the magazine and sample bag (primarily for the sample bag because I don't usually buy magazines). Although I haven't tried out the products yet I think that I definately got my money's worth.
I definitely intend trying out the Herbal Esscences long term relationship conditioner for long hair with a fusion of Red Rasberry.

This comes in a sample size of 60 ml which wont last me long at all as my hair is fairly long so I use a fair amount of shampoo and conditioner.
I have already had a sniff, and it smells nice, so I can't wait to use this.

The other magazine that I also purchased purely for the product was Grazia.
This comes with a free benefit eye brightener worth $39. The price I paid for the magazine was $6.00.

After the day that I had today, my under-eye area definitely needed all the help that it could get.
I tried this product underneath one eye nearly as soon as I got home. I left it for a bit, and didn't see any difference, so tried another application as the leaflet recommended.
Whether it was user error, or it just doesn't work for me I am not sure, but I didn't see any noticeable difference, but also in saying that, I have very pronounced dark circles under my eyes normally.
The product comes in clear tube with an applicator wand , and the product colour is the pale pink
as pictured.
Also, looking at the promo shot, in my opinion it looks like the model pictured in the before shot has no makeup on, and in the after shot, it looks like she is wearing makeup, so whether this stuff would work better under makeup I have no idea because I haven't tried it like that yet.

I do feel like I have got my money's worth out of these two magazines (the Marie Claire also has a car ad in it with a supplied set of 3D glasses, so guess who was like a kid and had to look up 3D pics on the internet, lol), as I feel like it was a cheap way to try out products that I wouldn't have bothered buying by themselves.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Loreal LA Collection Crystals

Hi, here I have for you today Loreal LA Collection Crystals in #200.
I can't find out much about this on the net, but it was made in France.
I purchased this at the Reject Shop . I first saw it there for $5AU, but even though I liked the colour, that was too much for me to spend on a 6ml bottle. I passed the rack one day and it was down to $2Au, which meant that it very quickly became mine (plus a backup bottle, lol)
This is a great shade, although it probably doesn't look like it, it applies well, and this is only two coats without topcoat.

This photo, the two middle fingers show the colour when shaded.

This one shows how well this sparkles up in sunlight.
The shimmer in this seems to show up well indoors, but really comes to life in sunlight.

Last picture, the reason that I hardly slept last night

And our other family menber who is wondering what noisy little thing has invaded her life.