Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Loreal LA Collection Crystals

Hi, here I have for you today Loreal LA Collection Crystals in #200.
I can't find out much about this on the net, but it was made in France.
I purchased this at the Reject Shop . I first saw it there for $5AU, but even though I liked the colour, that was too much for me to spend on a 6ml bottle. I passed the rack one day and it was down to $2Au, which meant that it very quickly became mine (plus a backup bottle, lol)
This is a great shade, although it probably doesn't look like it, it applies well, and this is only two coats without topcoat.

This photo, the two middle fingers show the colour when shaded.

This one shows how well this sparkles up in sunlight.
The shimmer in this seems to show up well indoors, but really comes to life in sunlight.

Last picture, the reason that I hardly slept last night

And our other family menber who is wondering what noisy little thing has invaded her life.

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  1. Oh my, that polish colour looks absolutely gorgeous, especially in the second pic in the sunlight! And what a bargain too! :)