Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hi, I'm Tameriska and this is my blog :) .
More than likely I will be posting infrequently, and untill my photographic skills improve, I will also be posting crappy pictures, lol.
Years and years ago I purchased my first ever "expensive" bottle of polish, #39 Cascade, by Stuf. It cost me a whole $9.50, but I was entranced by its clear base, small glittter specks and silver holographic stars. Layered over a deep bright blue base with about 3 coats of Sally Hansen Mega shine is my favourite way to wear it.
Apparently this brand is now discontinued, but I still have half a bottle of this polish left, with no chance of finding this again, I am very miserly using it, so a swatch will be a while coming I am afraid.
I blame an online forum that I frequent for my current nail polish addiction. Back in March '08 I purchased my first OPI, Start to finish, and OPI top coat.
I still have to admit, they are ok, but my love for top coat is still Sally Hansen Mega Shine, even though here in Australia I am looking at $14AU per bottle.
Why I mentioned the swap board purchase back from March '09 is every single day since I recieved that package I have had polish on my nails.
In '09 the same swap board had an online group order for OPI polish, and that is where my addiction flew into action. Whilst looking at swatches for OPI polish to work out which shades I wanted to order, I kept running across swatches of other brands that I have never heard of before and now knew that I needed to make mine.
I so totally fell in love with the China Glaze OMG collection, and I believe I made one ebay seller very happy with my purchase.
The OMG collection is so far away from what is available here ( I live in a small regional town in Australia) which is your usual boring shades of red, pink and boring mainstream colours.
Amongst reading posts by nail bloggers, I also ran across Konad, and there was my next purchase.
About that time I started experimenting with diy uv gel nails, as working as a checkout chick, it is very suprising for my polish to remain unchipped for very long. I was happy with the polish wear that I got from the gel nails, my polish would stay on for a week (although not all my gels did :( )

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