Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gorgeous Glittery Goodness

I actually intended for this to be my first post last year, but I was waiting for some polish to arrive.
I purchased some polish from Mary at Body and Soul, and received my glittery goodness!!

Massini Polishes!!
I chose Purple Medallion (x2 because it looks so great) Magic Attraction and Slamming Red.
I must just say that Mary is lovely to deal with, and I would definitely contact her if you like these Massini polishes.

Due to the postage gremlins, for some weird unknown reason the package that she sent me was returned to her, and before she sent it again, she actually threw in some other polishes (as if the Massini's weren't enough already :) ) It was totally unexpected, and totally awesome of her to do so.
The bonus extras that I was sent were Milani brand, L/R Magical, Gleaming Green and Fairy Tale.

1 comment:

  1. Those Massinis!!!!!!! Ahh!

    Showing me shiny things is very dangerous...for my wallet.