Monday, March 8, 2010

China Glaze Atlantis Inlays

Hi, as I warned, I am a very infrequent poster. I am an avid reader of a fair number of nail blogs, and am awed at the quality and photographic skills of the blogs that I follow.
I am also awed at how skilled other bloggers are at either at painting their nails (or their awsome cleanup skills) in which department I fail badly.
I constantly wear nail polish, but usually don't have the motivation to attempt to photograph my shoddy efforts, or by the time that I think to take a pic, I have been to work, and have totally trashed my manicure. I have to change my polish every day when I am working, because it only takes a couple of hours till they are chipped. I work as a checkout chick at a local supermarket, so polish doesn't have much, if any chance of surviving the day unscathed.

At lunchtime today at work, I had an idea for a really cool manicure, and luckily remembered the concept when I got home.

What inspred me for this concept was seeing , of all things, an ebony wood hairstick, inlaid with I think it was malachite stone.
I am hapy with the way that the manicure turned out, it wasn't anywhere near as good as the other ones that I see on other blogs, but, hey, I have to work tomorrow, so there is not a chance of it lasting anyway.
The polished that I used were the glittery China Glaze Atlantis and Sally Hansen Black Out (and about 3 coats of Sally Hansen Mega Shine)
Basically all I did was paint my nails with Black Out, wait till that had dried, and used a nail art brush and painted on a stripe of China Glaze Atlantis. That was all fine when using my dominant hand, but when painting with my less disciplined left hand, the stripes were not as well defined. That was easilly remedied by waiting untill the Atlantis had dried, and taking some Black Out and defining the wonky edges.
Clean up still needs to be worked on (as well as my photography) but I hope that this looks as pleasing to you as it does me, I am quite happy with how it turned out.

ETA (I just realized that the inspiration for this mani came from Scrangie, although I had forgotten about it when I posted this, so, apologies) I am sure that this was from Scrangie, although that I am now searching, I cannot find it, so, who knows where I got the idea, except that it was a nail blog somewhere

(Omg, I just noticed that when I signed in to post this that I have one follower!!!, All I can say is Thanks, and I hope I dont bore you too much, lol)

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